Dynacast Elgin Wins TWO NADCA Awards

Dynacast is proud to announce two awards for excellence in the 2017 International Die Casting Competition. 

Congratulations to Dynacast Elgin for winning not one, but two zinc die casting awards from the North American Die Casting Association for their significant contribution towards the advancement of the die casting industry. Each entry is judged on its design, quality, cost savings, ingenuity, innovation and industry-changing potential. The awards were presented at the Die Casting Industry Awards Luncheon on September 19, 2017.

Both components function as part of an automotive heads-up display unit. Dynacast creates five different components for this product line. The first award was presented for the over 6 oz./non-electroplated category in recognition of a heat sink component. Created from Zamak 3, Dynacast stretched the limits of their multi-slide die casting technology with this design creating 10 deep cooling fins with ½ degree draft across multi-stepped parting lines. The design also incorporated angular cored holes. 

Heat Sink; Winner NADCA Die Casting Competition in the Over 6 oz./Non-Electroplated Category 

Back Plate | Winner NADCA Die Casting Competition 2017 Under 6 oz./Non-Electroplated Category 

The second award was for a back plate—same HUD technology—that was chosen as the winner for the under 6oz./non-electroplated category. Also created from Zamak 3, Dynacast was able to mold critical details to print, eliminating secondary machining operations with submarine slides in our multi-slide machine. 

“Both castings were difficult from an engineering and tooling standpoint. They also represent cutting-edge automotive technology which will be seen on more cars in the future,” says Dave Haener, Engineering Manager, Dynacast Elgin.

Dynacast continues to push the envelope with innovative die cast designs to meet the growing demands of our customers. With every new project, we always consider how we can do it better. Ultimately, our innovation is about your business, delivering you higher quality components and a better product, every single time. See how our innovative techniques could improve your business, talk to us about your next project. 



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